Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My mother is fair skinned.
I mean like proper fair skin, the kind of fair skin that
in pictures she is the first face you see. She had (in those days)bosoms that made grown men wish they were babies again. Her hips at least from what remains of them were designed for child bearing. And guess what, my three sisters took all these and left none for me. I am dark skinned and do not have much going for me in the breast side of things.

I am the fourth child in a little battalion of six.
In those days six was not considered a battalion.
At least on our block our neighbours had ten and nine kids respectively.

Being a middle child I did not have much going for me- THE NOTHING SPECIAL CHILD, just another child.
Therefore I assigned my self the grand title of daddy’s little girl.
If anything at all I was the youngest of the girls (Great Title).

Anyway the story is that when they (my parents) got to me the best genes had gone.
Trust me my older sisters are glorious to look at.
I am not saying that I am the Ugly duckling far from it.
I am just the not so pretty duckling .And yes I can say it because the truth will always
set you free (hahaha)
Bottom line is that I just that I don’t have anything in common with my (mum)parents.

Lots of times I wonder how different a child can be from the mother like I am.

Alas! of all of a sudden three decades down the line I can see the recessive genes popping up. I can’t believe it I inherited some genes from my mother. The genes she loves to hate the most.
I am developing moles around my eyes aaarhgh!!!
So much for wanting to be like mummy.
Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

PS: This not to say I don’t love my my mum. I LOVE HER TO PIECES MOLES AND ALL. Even if I say so myself

Per Asa -"E bami kiira fun mama mi. Orisa bi iya kosi laaiye"
meaning. Help me sing praises for my mother, There is no deity like a mother any where on earth