Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today it just crossed my mind that my love/lust for shoes cannot be something out of the ordinary. Can it I ask myself for the umpteenth time .It cant (see i am already trying to justify it.)

Can it be normal for a person to lie awake at night and think of the last pair of sexy shoes that have now caught my fancy. (Yes in the current climate/circumstances seeing that i dont have a man hahaha!)

In a lot of ways I dont think it is rational but I guess it is my heart telling me that it has eyes and it can see.

I have tried to rationalise it in so many times. if I see a pair that I desire, until I get it there is no rest for me. I make phonecalls to say hi but I know I just want to tell my friends about how sexy these heels are, how they are to die for,how comfortable they look, (never judge a pair of shoes by its look) ,how if I get this pair I will never want another pair . How this is the shoe of all shoes. How I have decided to take care of this pair and not let anything come between us ever again . Not even my one and only pair of (prized)Guccis. (Yes be jealous I have a pair). Or the Louboutins I shall buy when I hammer.

And I have come to this analogy/conclusion shoes to girls are like women to guys.They (men)lie awake at night thinking about the latest girl that has caught their fancy.They tell their friends of how sexy she is.How if she agrees to date them they will never want another woman again. how she is the woman of all women.How she is just perfect looks and all (never judge a woman by her looks ) How nothing will ever come between them and this woman, in this life or in the next . How they will take care of her for the rest of their lives. How they will ake sure that she is well taken care of .

Alas it is spring and a new wake of styles/designs of shoes are in. I start to lust even from office desk. I stay away from the shops I dont want to be tempted but they are there in my face , calling, beckoning for my attention what shall i do.

I shall adopt the man method I will only look I will not touch that way nothing will happen .....indeed