Thursday, October 29, 2009


I met Pastor Muyo at Kings Cross/St Psncreas Intl Station in Sept 2007 and boy was he fine (he still is)at the time i was seeing an energy vampire whose only mission and sole pleasure in life was to drain me of whatever enegy or joy I had. He was such an underachiever

We i.e Pastor Muyiwa and I had been in the same carriage many atimes but had only acknowledged each other by a casual glance.
Anyway on the said day we met i saw him hobbling as fast as he could (he must have sprained something since the last time we saw)to catch the train. Icould not pose cos I saw his agony and made first conversation/contact by conveying to him that the train had been cancelled.

He thanked me profusely and that was the beginning of our train romance (nothing sordid I just like the ring it has train romance....)

He would keep a sit for me on the cramped up trains ignoring the hissing , sighing and muttering of immigrants keeping sits for other immigrants (if only they knew that back home we were chaffeur driven and to be reduced to catching trains ....I digress)and I on the other hand would slay 7 dragons swim 7 seas and climb 7 mountains to catch the 6.05 train where Pastor Muyo would regal me with tales about God sent wife
I on the other hand would hint about my vampire hoping he would tell me to get rid of the wanker he was to much of a gentleman as he did no such thing.I left this town a year ago Oct 2008 and made no contact with Pastor Muyo and only had with me the memories of our several train alliances.

Fastforward to Oct 09 I met Pastor Muyo on the same train and guess what he had stopped going to church, put on weight and His lovely wife had become a monster. How do these happen?