Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay whilst I admit that I am not particularly well endowed in the chest region, I can say that
I have a lot of other things going for me, like my IQ which i daresay cannot be purchased as opposed to mammaries that modupe ozolua can provide. (assuming i can afford them). And yes I am special , I was created this way for a reason bla bla bla. This mantra doesnt work well when your ex is dating the bustiest girl in the world though .

But sometime I tend to feel like an underachiever in the chest region. It is not like as if I pray and fast about it but it does tends to cross my mind afterall it is my body.

This happens especially when I go shopping with friends and they dare to say ""..... I would never get away with wearing that I am way too busty (like as if I dont already SEE that) it is for people like you.

(me thinking ......people like who oh! now I am not a normal person any more because I am small in that region)

Sad as it seems I even have a little game I play where I secretly give free membership to ladies that are equally or not so equally endowed as me (forgive the pun) in the chest region. As Iwalk pass them I smile at them and under my breath say hello club member because that is what we are club members.......small bosom club members hahaha.

Ps. if a small chested lady has smiled at you in the mall, street, gym, office and you are that way too, it must have been me.

But just the other day, as I made my way to whereever it was that I was going, (Oh by the way I love fashion) just ahead of me was one sharply dressed lady, from the hair to the bag however she had a limp not so obvious but it was there. She carried it of nicely and trust me i was dying to see her from the front.

She was dead on trend. The accessories everything well cordinated and the bosoms were on display. In line with the saying if you've got them flaunt them. I was truly happy for her she didnt let the limp get in the way of her life.

And then it hit me would I swop my barely theres with her
Would she swop her limp for my barely theres ......i dont know and dont realy care to know.

All I know is that at that moment in time I loved mybarely theres

There are more pressing issues than barely theres . And by the way a club member just walked into the room.


ShonaVixen said...

Hello fellow club member, guess I now need to start doing that as well smile and nod @ those like me n u!!
This made me smile...

doll said...

there is always a reason to be grateful..cuz while we are never the best...we are never the worse

pink-satin said...

lol at club member....everyone has a part of their body they wish was something i am endowed and sometimes i wish i wasnt that endowed!!

Parakeet said...

This is a witty post, me likes. My experience with my upper region have ben chequered really. I had my koko pretty early like 8 or 9, thinkg that by 12 I'd be one busty lady. The yeye thing refused to sprout o. By SS3 all the girls had started wearing bras except yours truly. I went thru higher institution and finished and I was just barely there wearing a B-cup. Then I came to the UK. Within a year it seemed like I had gone for enlargements cos they promptly shot up to a double D. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully I've lost weight now and they've shrunk to a good size but I miss my DDs.

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, you are heelarious. Hiiiiii club member. I love my ittie bitties...bras are nothing but fashion accessories to us, we can fit into most tops and when we pop the kiddies, our boobies will perk and not sag. What is there not to love? :-D

Myne Whitman said...

Hello club member, your post was funny. Until I can afford Modupe, I go for padded bras. LOL


you are too much! Well, the itty bitty titty club is not a bad club to be in. I have friends with humongous bazookas and all they do is complain. lol!

Hope all is well

Enoch said...

I just discovered this blog.

For the good of the children in Africa, you must start updating more often.

Freaksho said...

...i've always said if you could read the mind of everyone who REALLY smiled at you on the street, it would scare the ish out of you.
funny post.
nice blog.

Nogo Blogs said...

Lol Hi clubmember! Me too I carry big gnash an welll... I also carry your membership! Where is my club induction??