Friday, September 11, 2009



These were the words that crossed my my mind when the ex toaster (guy who asked me out) invited me to the christening of his baby boy. OH LAWD it should have been me.

I just thot to myself another one bites the dust why the fuck didnt i just say yes to this BLOKE that would have been our baby christening. oh well cest la vie as they say in "Nice " (I realy want to visit Nice)

So off to the the baby christening all smiles but pining inside.

On getting there i am secretly and mind boggingly happy that the missus has gained a tonne or so in weight (serves her right for saying yes to the man I could have married)

But i still wished that I was the one every was fussing over.

Did all the polite things people do at baby christening and as I bid goodbye to the lovely couple .. ex toaster says he will drop me off at the station and so we head forth.

Alas he has something on his mind eating away, and he wants to talk to the one person the wifey will probabbly never believe in case words get out.

Ex toaster..... i dont know what came over me but in the last couple of months i have been cheating on the missus

Misspumping.....(thinking)Oh no he didnt That could have been me.

Ex toaster.....with her being pregnant and all, her drive being low i just needed to talk to some body and one thing sort of led to another and ...... i met this girl.......

Misspumping .....(still thinking "That could have been me this low life good for nothing could have been cheating on") smiling outward urging him on . I need to hear this, every piece of information is vital. So that i can bury this never was relationship finally..on and on he goes where they went for the weekend, where they had their seedy retreats . Everything and i mean everything,. No gory stone is left unturned . And I listen in pretence sadness

Ex toaster....and do you know the sad part is that i dont feel any remorse , I dont feel married at all I look at the missus and it feels like I am dreaming, I need to change.

Misspumping ...(Still Thinking but this time grateful that that wasnt me )

So despite the grass looking greener in their nice house with the white pickett fence and all i am so grateful that could have been but it is not me .


doll said...

thank Go it wasn't you...LOL

Nice Anon said...

THank you it ain't you. Nice blog!