Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello guys yes i have been missing in action. Not exactly due to any fault of mine, all sorts of things have been going on in my life. Relocating to naija was not easy i settled in but after a while i fled the nest.

There are blokes in naija i met in the span of eight months more guys than i met in london in five years so there is hope. Only down side is that most of them dont tick most of the boxes not expecting them to tick all the boxes but at least most of the boxes will do.Another thing is that they like london girls maybe to show off that see what i got or to collect the small change but that is not happening.

I have been bk in london for some time now. i resigned the boss was literally breathing down my neck and went as far as being rude (on several occasions).

Not after being trained in the ways of the queen am i going to stand for that kind of crap .
NO siree

i am thinking of setting up my thing now . Thinking of going into the arts i have a passion for the arts, so i might open a gallery or even do fashion photography professionally.

Everybody says that i should have stayed in naija i am only passing through want to take some courses but most consultants i have met with say that i should just buy the gadgets and learn on the job

we will see how it goes.

Happy to be back

meanwhile what happened to silent screams blog please come bk.