Sunday, February 1, 2009

It has been a long time coming

Ha my peeps naija no easy ,

I entered naija feeling like a big girl . the first thing i learnt within a few weeks was that the realy big boys and girls live here and not in london. whist london gives you that sense of security and comfort. The reality is that it is all based on a credit (well sort of).

Naija has been a hell of a roller coaster. i have almost finally settled in i have been working for a month now.It is not exactly the kind of job i wanted but at least it is okay i got an official car and my own office the pay is not double what i earned in london but i dont have to pay rent every month so i can save a bit.

i also found out that away experience and away masters is plenty moreso now with all the credit crunch thousands are relocating to naija .so they are not exactly queing up to employ me thank God that i am a professional imagine not being a professional e for bad gan

i am happy i am bk sha but things still need to pick up.eyin peeps pls pray for me.

As per boyfie i went on a fact finding mission only to find out that he is from a not so so tapping family. his mum is a darling but the rest are just something else when God answers your prayers u just dont get it until it smacks you right in the face. he was bad news anyway he never realy cared but u lot know how it can be.

now that i am on form i will definitelydo my bit