Monday, August 11, 2008

Can your mother do you “I mean jazz u” the story

First and foremost I come from the school of thought that does not believe anybody can do me .i.e. I mean jazz me. Apart from the fact that I say my prayers as regularly as I can I don’t go around with a chip on my shoulder waiting for an accident / misfortune to happen or befall me so that I can say that one person somewhere is doing me.No way whatever happens to me, was meant to happen . rain that will beat me (or not beat) cannot miss me .

Well how is that some times when u hear some peoples story you wonder and even thank your maker that your mum is your mum. At this point a special shout out to daisy my mum.

Today’s gist is about one of my “new friends” that has been diagnosed with a very advanced gynaecological problem that threatens to prevent her from mothering a child God Forbid but the tests have shown that not only is the womb distorted there are certain growths which outsizes the womb. We have been told it is 50-50 that motherhood will take place. We pray that she falls into the positive 50% ratio. Amen thanks for your prayers

But the sad part is that my friends mum was aware of this matter four years ago. At that time, the lady in question was still under the wings of her mum doctors suggested surgery then but the mother said no we reject it in the name of Jesus. Our God will make it go away unfortunately it didn’t and now it is motherhood threatening.

My quandary now is that today girlfriend is all grown up and it has reared its ugly head again and guess what mummy tells my friend don’t tell anybody, don’t tell your daddy yet. I will raise the money for the operation meanwhile daddy of friend in question is a multi millionaire .If not that i don’t believe that someone can do somebody, I would have started to think that this girls mother wants to do her

Abi eyin peeps wetin you think ?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Let awoof not run my bele o the story

As I have bored you more often than not with this my travails in London, I shall delight you with another true life tale.

I got nice place to which I was supposed to move into today the 1st of August but being an awoofist, I am not moving. You might ask why well it is kind of complicated (money matter). We i.e. I and my benefactors have cometo the conclusion that I should save small cash even if na petrol I go use am for.

Remember I wrote in a previous post that I was going back to naija well the time of reckoning is fast approaching as a matter of fact, I have only two months left in this town I agreed to sign up for a six months lease, my friends the senior girl/born again sister told me that it was not particularly a prudent move. And as an awoofist I agreed
They say that I can stay for an extra two months .see how one week turned into one month and now one month has turned into three months.

I am truly grateful the down side is that within these two days of cancellation and payment of administrative fees to estate agents bla bla bla, yours sincerely has become a shoepaholic .And then when I am going home from the spree, I fear to carry the shoes home let it not cause animosity, this London can fit to be funny.

Let my bearers of good tidings not start to calculate that we are paying rent and she is buying shoes. To counteract this thought, I have resorted to stocking the house with food and all things nice. LET US JOINTLY PRAY THAT THIS SUFFICES.

My peeps what do u think am I pushing my luck or just enjoy it whilst it last and pray for the best