Monday, July 7, 2008

The weekend story

Okay so oga showed up on Friday I was expecting some cock and bull story about any thing and every thing no money, no fuel, no water, no nepa u just name it, I was prepared for it.
But Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised. He booked me (well us) into a fabulous hotel at the west end of town.

We met up after I closed from work and he me whisked off to a restaurant to eat and then we went off to the hotel. At the hotel we watched TV (hahaha) till dawn and temporarily forgot all the problems I was currently undergoing.

For once in the past couple of days I actually had the luxury of waking up closer to mid-day than dawn. We then went house haunting and of course being a weekend, we didn’t make much progress.

Boyfie subsequently went to see some relative who was in town whilst I went to see a friend who has offered for me to move in whilst I sort myself out but who I have turned down for a plethora of reasons. Anyway boyfie dropped me off at hers and then off we went to cinema. Watched a fabulous movie it was absolutely brilliant.

Boyfie came back to pick me we went back to hotel full of dread he leaves for his place tomorrow. While once again after the 12 o, clock check out time I become homeless once again. That thought however did not prevent us from watching TV that night sha.


Afrobabe said...

Homeless keh…whats going on???

What did I miss?

Pink Lips said...

So what happened after all the luxury naow? Have u found a place yet?? Boyfie really tried o.