Friday, July 4, 2008

Story of the homeless

Since this is my blog I guess it is okay to say whatever I want to say and not worry because really nobody knows me. This is really embarrassing but I just need to vent

It just goes to show that in this “londun” (spelt like that cos I realy hate this place more than ever right now) it is everyman for himself.

It is at times like this that I realise how strong I am and that I am not easily broken .as I write you this post from my office desk, I do not know where I am going to sleep tonight and whilst this may be crazy, all I can say is that I thank God that it is summer.

Weird it may seem but it the truth of the matter, my landlord is on the verge of loosing his house consequently the lack of roof over thy head.

In this my sojourn in London I have seen many athings but this tops them. Imagine getting back from work and all your prized possession shipped off to storage and you have to go to work the next day after sorting out some paper work the following day, I went to work cos the shock was to grave. Infact I chose to be in denial .My flatmate was whisked away to her boyfriends place and I had no choice than to call boyfie (remember him) anyway not much he could do really cos he lives in Luffenham but at least it felt good talking to somebody.

Day 1
After talking with boyfie and being consoled which was really of no use. I spoke to an old friend who happened to be in the Marriott so to the Marriott we went it was bliss unbelievable totally out of this world. So I ate took a shower and attempted to sleep until old friend started coming on to me like really coming on to me put up a big fight and finally was allowed a few hours of sleep till dawn and started getting stressed again .had to leave extra early for work but believe me in a strange sort of way I was grateful at least to have found a place to lay my head on the first night of being homeless. I did not allow the punk to have his wicked way with me.

Day 2
After work, went to the storage place to check on my stuff try to pick up a few items for my sanitation. Then started trying to get a place it can be madness, anyway did not get a place contemplate getting a B&B but change mind. I don’t really think I want to descend lower than Marriott. I can be crazy like that .So rack through brain cells to see what is happening and eureka uncle of friend works night so I can chill there till morning innit so I call friend who calls friend who calls friend and then they say that they are few minutes from home . so I head there only to have to wait outside for 3-4 hours in the summer chill .They arrive with chicks in hand not bad (as a matter of fact good for me ). Curl into 2 seat sofa and endure state of heightened discomfort in semi conscious state till morning(in other words tried to sleep).

Day 3
In the office right now drafting post and suffering severe back ache
Boyfie might show up to help but I very much doubt assistance in any form he can be pretty useless sometimes.

Will let you know what happens over the weekend
PS this is real life. I am not having a laugh.


AlooFar said...

Nice blog.

Hi ;)

Afrobabe said...

Wow, this is bad, babe u can get a room for £300 a month…stay in one of those till u sort urself out..nothing to be ashamed u said its every man for himself in this town..take care of u…

Pink Lips said...

Pele dear, my comment is a bit late so i'll just leave it at that till i read ur next post.

Jaguda said...

london can be a terrible place to reside in but u will be ok. persevere and u will laugh over this sometime later. 300-350 seems to be the going rate these days in london, depending on the location