Monday, July 14, 2008

Still pretty much squatting -the story

Na so life be o when I was undergoing the whole yawa of not having house that is how I used to run to come and tell u the whole story. I have roof now I have been missing in action (forgive me).

Anyway as the house search progressed albeit very slowly, I found a beautiful house which I have to wait till the end of the month till I can move in. In the interim, I met a friend on her way back from church that same Sunday boyfie left for his village i.e. outside London

She said that they had preached hospitality in church and that it was God that made her see me. So off to her place we went it was fabulous. This friend I am talking about in my life if they say that she would do this favour for me I would have said impossible.
To think that when we were in uni and she became a BIG girl I was one of the people that used to judge her. She has given her life to GOD now.

So I was there till this weekend the week flew past very quickly.
Boyfie came to see me there at the weekend I was glad to be associated with him if you the baffs boyfie knacked my friends were drooling I proceeded to get him out of there fast, (we live in interesting times you SEE).

And that is how I have been.

This “lundon sef”


BlogVille Idol said...

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Allied said...

Lol... yes we live in interesting times... But Thank God of the home provision oh...

Writefreak said... you dragging boyfie out of's definitely not great to judge people...congrats on the new place!

Afrobabe said...

yipppeeee she's got a house...when do we come to wash it???

Pink Lips said...

Congrats girl.