Friday, July 18, 2008

Another problem Another story Another day

My peeps there are problem o.

Nothing new about that I guess but this time water has passed gari.

Routine visit to the GP and guess what, she comes out and says to me…..
I have very bad news.

I “shoulda” seen it coming .Anyway part of it is work related
and the rest is man related.
The work part is that at the office we are on some stupid project that
I just can’t hack and to compound issues my manager is breathing down my neck.
Talk about undermining a person in front of your underlings no end. To the point that I just broke down (and sobbed not in front of colleagues heaven forbid I remain a big girl in their presence.)

The man part is that since me and boyfie kind of got back together he has been posting me about our future .It is driving me up the wall says we will get to it but question is when ? told boyfie of my predicament guess what he said, I have always told u to stop stressing yourself . Everything I do is for us yeah! Right! Talk about posting me. I don’t think he realises I am a bit long in the tooth

They say that they have High Blood Pressure


Afrobabe said...

Dont stress jare, it will pass just like every problem in your life that u tot was here to stay..

Boyfie will commit, dont push for work..welcome to my own personnal hell...

Waffarian said...

You have high blood pressure? Ha! Thats not good when you are so young....I am assuming you are not more than 30...abeg, baby girl, chill oh...haba! Nothing is worth jeopardising your health...not work or man.

30+ said...

Exactly they are the ones with High Blood Pressure.

Whose report do you believe?

Hunter girl said...

My sister...i feel u on the boyfirend move and work move. If i had a pound for everytime my 'ex' said 'everything i do is for us', i'd be on the fortune 100 list. Alas he is now my ex, so verthing he did was for 'him'. My advice is pray.
Pray that God's will should be done in your relationship, if he is the one, let God give you peace.

On the job front, i think you should talk to your boss if his/er actions are making you uncomfortable...and off course pray!!! I know its easier said than fact i think i should take my own advice!!!