Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The going back Story

As the day for going back home draws nearer i get more excited mixed feelings but the thing is that I DEY GO !!!!

As far as i am concerned it is a done deal; every body has one sad story or the other to tell but iroyin ko to afojuba (seeing is believing). It is true that there is no light and there is no water and the roads are bad and the weather is hot and that...... but i miss naija , i miss my house, i miss my mum coming to annoy me early in the morning by asking me what i want them to make for me knowing fully well that i realy dont eat in the mornings. I miss the constant effizi hahahaha. I miss not having to work twice as hard to prove my worth cos in naija we are all the same colour. I miss my junior brother who knows almost all my darkest secrets, He is serving in Abia state at the moment YUCK! forgive me Abia state indigenes but my brother is an ajebutter hahaha any way .

I have been stocking the kitty for some time now at least to cushion the landing upon getting back. Lord knows that it was not easy especially when the boyfie was a constant drain on the pocket please dont laugh , i dont know whether na love or na just stupidity i want to believe that it is the latter.Things are better now than they were before. Do i sound sad . i guess it is just one of those days. And I pray that I get a good job ASAP otherwise you all might witness my return next year Although God Forbid the return to this rat race.

Go I Must

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