Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She was very angry

She arrived on Saturday morning in all her glory.
I have never experienced such anger and I was really humbled.
She told me never to take her presence for granted but rather celebrate her arrival by giving praise to my lord. I DID
It was on Saturday that I realised that I must respect this temple and never abuse it.
The things I have put in the temple defiled it and it was angered therefore the delay in her release.

My period came.


Anonymous said...

once again i congratulate you on your recent discovery . Take care of you in a way i can relate with you i have experienced such tension before but me and my boyfriend stayed together . i knew what i was getting into when we started dating. all the best

Pink Lips said...

Thank God. Take care dear.

ibiluv said...

happy for you dear....pls dont defile her again...........