Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Now i get it.
it is not easy doing this blogging thing o.
Now, i promise not to get upset whenever i check to see if a blogger has updated andhe/she hasn't.

Sometimes you just dont feel like telling the world your issues and sometimes when you even feel like sharing you dont feel like typing . and sometimes when you feel like typing you just dont know the best way to come across . and sometimes when you even decide that you want to come across in aparticular way you dont really want to put it All down . and when you even start putting tHe part you dont mind divulging , your thots start to run around in circles. aM I doing your head in yet, EXACTLY THATS THE WAY I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW. DONE IN .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She was very angry

She arrived on Saturday morning in all her glory.
I have never experienced such anger and I was really humbled.
She told me never to take her presence for granted but rather celebrate her arrival by giving praise to my lord. I DID
It was on Saturday that I realised that I must respect this temple and never abuse it.
The things I have put in the temple defiled it and it was angered therefore the delay in her release.

My period came.

Friday, April 4, 2008

This story is getting scarier

My peeps there is problem o. I swear to my Creator and I am not joking, my period is more than late and I have not seen the head or tail light of the damn thing. I have done more than 10 pregnancy tests by now and they all say negative. Even the clear blue that I used is the digital one and the darn thing said Not Pregnant as in it literally spelt the thing out.It is no longer funny o have taken a few days next week of work to see the gp and things. Eyin peeps I know that I sinned but I thought I had ended that chapter now it is raising its head again.Now I am scared like shit cos I had already announced to the whole world that that thing with boyfie was over, what does one do in such situation? Does this mean that we should gat back together or whatI really want a baby but in the gaddem right circumstances. If I am preggers eventually I will keep it but I sincerely hope that I am not.A truly and sincerely worried misspumping