Friday, March 14, 2008

Story Story……. Story Water don pass gari o

E be like say Misspumping don carry bele o
This must be the most unbelievable thing that I am going to post but for real e be like say I don carry bele.

Right now I am so confused I have not done a test yet but I am scared as hell, can you believe this but my boobs are tender like anything and I all of a sudden require a nap during my lunch hour. My period is not late yet. I am not even sure cos I don really calculate the date cos I am quite smart when it comes to this type of thing But I get the feeling that I am not myself. I have been feeling like this for about 1week now but I paid no heed .And yes we did it when he got back from naija I did not want it to look like I had been busy when he was away . I m still going to break up with boyfie this weekend on his birthday. I have not yet done it cos I don’t want to be like a cheap skate. I am going to get him the most unromantic gift a shaving set i.e. clipper.

Back to the focus of this post just what which is me and not boyfie what if my body is acting up as a result of stress or WHAT IF I DON CARRY BELE what shall I do? This is the lowest point of my life right now. This weekend is the determinant. I have to wait till tomorrow morning and use the first sample I have been advised. If I am then it will be like one week. Am I being unduly imaginative can you be one week gone and know or it is not possible. Experience peeps and inexperienced peeps just what if what shall I do cos I know I aint feeling him any more.


Anonymous said...

please tell me that you r joking you must be joking if you are realy pregnant you have to keep it marry him and face the music what happened tousing protection . he jus got back from nigeria what if he has cught something then not only will you be pregnant you will have caught something too

Sherri said...

like a big sister, i will be honest with u.

a week is too early to tell but,
please don't wait another day, see a doc and get the morning after pill just to be safe.

u welcomed him back with open legs?

what the heck where u thinking or not thinking having unprotected sex with someone whom u distrust AND suspected was with other girls AND, had been away for more than a week AND u were'nt feeling anymore? just to prove what?

in my opinion, breaking up with him on his bday is not kind,
and there's nothing wrong in getting him a good gift just don't send the wrong message.

nb:pls feel free to delete upon reading.

TinTin said...

sweety..take the test first and then you can take it from there! dont make any sudden desisions yet!! dont worry everything will work out!

Waffarian said...

Another tough one oh....Okay, so whats done is done and can not be undone. First of all, before you start getting high blood pressure, why don't you wait and do the test first? When did you last have your period and when did you have sex with him? Maybe we can all calculate together....

My boobs get tender when I am expecting my period and I feel bloated and heavy, so I won't agree that tender boobs are a sure sign of pregnancy. Perhaps you are just feeling scared cos you had unprotected sex?

Do the test first.

Oh girl, I really think you need to give yourself a break. You seem to have alot going on at the moment. Do you have friends you can confide in? I suggest a long walk to clear your thoughts and if possible stay away from bobo. Please take care of yourself, life should not be so hard.

lots of hugs and kisses

Anyaposh said...

hahaha! Damn may be pregnant and you still want to break up with boyfie...and especially on his birthday. Kai...that's so harsh. But my dear, quickly o...get that test. Pee on the preggers stick and let us know. I hope you're not o! Goodluck with it gurl.

Afrobabe said...

Ok, today is day later...what is the verdict???