Thursday, March 13, 2008

Same old naija story

People come and see me see trouble o. just when you think that everything will be okay. Something else will come and cause you head ache.

This morning about 10:45 and 11:00 my manager called me into the meeting room for a chat I thought it was as a result of being overlooked in regards to my job role (see previous post -When sweet is no longer sweet...). So excited by the prospect of some sort of explanation or redress, I did my power walk. The one you use when you feel that everything is going your way (finally).

Upon getting into the meetingroom he sat very far away from me the kind of distance that lets you know that this is not going to be a walk in the park. The chat went as follows

Manager: I received a phone call from David Mark yesterday evening (David Mark is the senate president in Nigeria) he asked me to send him certain details which I did not send .I was just wondering if you know anything about it .

Me: I don’t understand.

Manager: I did not think you would but I just thought that since you are Nigerian you might be able to understand. I can’t think of where he got my telephone number from. If he had approached me via email I would have been less shocked but this is quite close to home so I was just thought I should tell you.

Me: I hope you did not give him your details he a con artist and it is sad that he called you and said all the things he said to you. There is really no justification for it but most of these conmen are the result of high unemployment in the country and bla bla bla. I did the patriotic thing and gave him the speech about the politicalclimate in niaja.

I think I handled it well at the time but now that I am at my desk I am wondering whether maybe they thought I was part of the scam(meanwhile I think that I the only naija girl in the office if there is another one I am yet to meet her .

I am like should I stir the hornest's nest or should I just let sleeping dogs lie


Sherri said...

can u blame him? expect him to be wary.(it's normal)

u really can't do anything unless an outright accusation is made or a subsequent change that affects only u.

btw, u handled it very well. ur response clearly shows u're not involved.

Waffarian said...

I think that was good enough. If they actually suspect you, that is their problem because you had nothing to do with it. As for phone numbers...I don't know about there, but it is pretty easy to get numbers, especially if its a company.

Anyway, let it go, na dem sabi. I get mails everyday from senators and presidents and banks from ouagadogou and early last year, the "president" of the central bank of Nigeria was a regular caller on my mobile.


Nyemoni said... he really believes that David Mark singled him out and called him after all the publicity on Nigerian scammers? Na wah for the guy o! Easy babes, easy...

misspumping said...

@sherri thanks for stopping by again . you always give sound advice . there is a slight twist in the tale regarding boyfie . i will fill you up but trust me it will be worth it .

@waffarian. i think they just wanted to see my reaction. i guess i passed cos they have not brought it up again. thanks for visiting

@nyemoni...i think a part of him believed it was david mark but the other part did not believe .. you see in life every body has a bit of greed somewhere it is the ability to stay above it that makes one stand out thanks for stopping by again

Ms. emmotions said...

this is serious o, i think u shuld just be plain careful besides getting peoples' nos aint that difficult these dayz

In my head and around me said...

Let it go...

Afrobabe said... the only Nigerian in my organisation babes believe me I know what u mean....My boss said the other day that apparently he had won some money in Nigeria and almost every one in the office said they too had won and they all started say I was embarrased is an understatement...

You have done all u can jare...

Pink Lips said...

Lol, what was that all abt? Did he think you had anything to do with it. I must say you handled it well, i wld have flipped.