Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking Up …How does the story go?

Okay so boyfie is back.
He got back yesterday 09/03/2008 at about 7 in the morning and we did not see till about 3 or 4pm. He had to go and pick his car up from where it was parked and all that. And I can say that I missed him when I saw him I just wanted to hug him but I did no such thing. I maintained a dignified composure. My resolve is strong .I am ending it. It is the only way forward.

I was very civil and I realised that I should let him rest a bit before I spring the inevitable him. We can both see the end is nigh. He was really surprised and said that he thought I was going to tell him straightaway that it was over immediately I laid eyes on him. In other words he alsosenses it.And that he is so happy that I did not decide to break up with him he realises that he has behaved like a total jerk. I was in shock .I am beyond words my post is how one break does up. Funny thing is that I have never broken up with anybody. It just dies a natural death. This one is different. When is a good time? And exactly what do you say. PLEASE HELP ME


Waffarian said...

This is so hard.... I'd say try to get it over with as quickly as possible with as minimum drama as possible. Maybe go out to a cafe? Not in your house anyway or his house, more potential for drama. Then calmly expain everything from the begining to end and how you've reached your decision, then hopefully you can walk out....Good luck oh!

In my head and around me said...

Waffarian's comment about covers it. It is one thing to say it, do it and another to actually carry it out (remaining "broken-up").

I also wanted to say that I went back and read all your posts on this matter and think that it is important for you to revise the reason why you are with someone. Don't get sucked into another relationship after this one just for revenge sake. You need to take your time and get into it for the right reason.

It might be tactless to say this, but I do not know why anyone would want to be with a man who needs his daddy to raise him when he goes back home. Or who needs to efizi on returning. Points to some deep rooted issues which need to be outgrown.

Thanks for coming by my blog.

Pink Lips said...

Hey, breaking up is never easy. On this particular guy i don't even think you shld waste your time giving the speech, just cut him off. Sorry if this sounds harsh.

Ms. emmotions said...

hmmmmm, no easy way dear ....

awwwww, feelin for him

Sherri said...

be kind and yet firm.
waffy is right, choose a public and neutral locale.

there shud be some consolation in the mere fact that, u 're saving urself from future pain and freeing urself for the right bobo.

all the best babe.