Monday, March 17, 2008


An End to that story

Okay so my people. I am not preggers thank heavens for that.
It is amazing what your mind can be doing to your head. I broke up with him yesterday and guess what I did not even buy the clipper. It was not easy can you imagine I was the one crying and saying that I could not settle for less than I deserved. Ironically my little brother also broke up with his girlfriend too. I am not even sure what I am going to be doing with all the spare time that I am going to now have.

I guess I will just enrol on some professional courses I can afford them now that my money belongs to me , myself and I and I have the time to study too. It will be hard but I know that I will make.

That is 18 months down the drain. I said to him better now than later with kids in the picture, I am very sad and I feel like crying some more and I guess I will. But a girl has just done what a girl had to do.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Story Story……. Story Water don pass gari o

E be like say Misspumping don carry bele o
This must be the most unbelievable thing that I am going to post but for real e be like say I don carry bele.

Right now I am so confused I have not done a test yet but I am scared as hell, can you believe this but my boobs are tender like anything and I all of a sudden require a nap during my lunch hour. My period is not late yet. I am not even sure cos I don really calculate the date cos I am quite smart when it comes to this type of thing But I get the feeling that I am not myself. I have been feeling like this for about 1week now but I paid no heed .And yes we did it when he got back from naija I did not want it to look like I had been busy when he was away . I m still going to break up with boyfie this weekend on his birthday. I have not yet done it cos I don’t want to be like a cheap skate. I am going to get him the most unromantic gift a shaving set i.e. clipper.

Back to the focus of this post just what which is me and not boyfie what if my body is acting up as a result of stress or WHAT IF I DON CARRY BELE what shall I do? This is the lowest point of my life right now. This weekend is the determinant. I have to wait till tomorrow morning and use the first sample I have been advised. If I am then it will be like one week. Am I being unduly imaginative can you be one week gone and know or it is not possible. Experience peeps and inexperienced peeps just what if what shall I do cos I know I aint feeling him any more.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Same old naija story

People come and see me see trouble o. just when you think that everything will be okay. Something else will come and cause you head ache.

This morning about 10:45 and 11:00 my manager called me into the meeting room for a chat I thought it was as a result of being overlooked in regards to my job role (see previous post -When sweet is no longer sweet...). So excited by the prospect of some sort of explanation or redress, I did my power walk. The one you use when you feel that everything is going your way (finally).

Upon getting into the meetingroom he sat very far away from me the kind of distance that lets you know that this is not going to be a walk in the park. The chat went as follows

Manager: I received a phone call from David Mark yesterday evening (David Mark is the senate president in Nigeria) he asked me to send him certain details which I did not send .I was just wondering if you know anything about it .

Me: I don’t understand.

Manager: I did not think you would but I just thought that since you are Nigerian you might be able to understand. I can’t think of where he got my telephone number from. If he had approached me via email I would have been less shocked but this is quite close to home so I was just thought I should tell you.

Me: I hope you did not give him your details he a con artist and it is sad that he called you and said all the things he said to you. There is really no justification for it but most of these conmen are the result of high unemployment in the country and bla bla bla. I did the patriotic thing and gave him the speech about the politicalclimate in niaja.

I think I handled it well at the time but now that I am at my desk I am wondering whether maybe they thought I was part of the scam(meanwhile I think that I the only naija girl in the office if there is another one I am yet to meet her .

I am like should I stir the hornest's nest or should I just let sleeping dogs lie

Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking Up …How does the story go?

Okay so boyfie is back.
He got back yesterday 09/03/2008 at about 7 in the morning and we did not see till about 3 or 4pm. He had to go and pick his car up from where it was parked and all that. And I can say that I missed him when I saw him I just wanted to hug him but I did no such thing. I maintained a dignified composure. My resolve is strong .I am ending it. It is the only way forward.

I was very civil and I realised that I should let him rest a bit before I spring the inevitable him. We can both see the end is nigh. He was really surprised and said that he thought I was going to tell him straightaway that it was over immediately I laid eyes on him. In other words he alsosenses it.And that he is so happy that I did not decide to break up with him he realises that he has behaved like a total jerk. I was in shock .I am beyond words my post is how one break does up. Funny thing is that I have never broken up with anybody. It just dies a natural death. This one is different. When is a good time? And exactly what do you say. PLEASE HELP ME

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Saga and story continues

Plenty long tings (don jazzy)

If I tell you that boyfie has not come back will you believe it? Well let me tell you boyfie has not come back. Why you may ask. I’ll rather not disclose part of it here but in fact. Unless I am stupid and refuse to see the signs this is obviously a no goer. Boyfie has refused to come back because his daddy has refused to give him MONEY. Have you ever imagined or heard of anything so ridiculous in your life.

A bit of background information will suffice at this juncture. If you remember from my previous post boyfie comes from a rather well off family and they are supposed to have plenty cash , Anyways boyfie is like daddy’s love spoilt rotten but very subject to the moods of his daddy . As in if he upsets daddy, daddy will threaten to cut him off. So boyfie decided to move abroad so that he could stand on his own feet. Well daddy was not quite pleased about it and all that jazz but boyfie stuck to his guns and moved. Boyfie has a good and steady job with government and all that but you know how it is over here. There is never plenty extra left over after your bills/direct debits.

Upon getting to naij and bursting enough effizi in the first couple of weeks the wells of finance kinda dried up. The plan was to stay for a few weeks but he decided to stay on for his cousins wedding and bla bla bla.

After speaking with him yesterday boyfie hinted that maybe I should send some cash over but I beat him to it and said that if your own family cannot raise when you are broke on holidays after buying the whole of London on OUR MONEY then I don think I should be giving you any money so please don’t even think it. See me see wahala o. Boyfie then started raking that me I am selfish and this is a strong indication of what the future can be like .If at this level of love in Tokyo me I cannot raise him when he is stranded for cash. I could not believe it. First and foremost for his trip I put down half of the money involved. I did not send anything to my family through him cos I just could not afford too I sent stuff to his siblings that I have never met and weeks after none of them has called to say THANKS. And he still has not gone to see my people isn’t that the funniest joke of the year one of the major reasons for the trip.

He just wants to use reverse psychology but guess what I am not sending a penny to him. He is too spoilt and I aint putting up with it any more. Every month a portion of my salary goes to him. Well guess what 2008 is MY year. IF the truth be told I earn more than him but that does not make him my responsibility. I am not his mother, I am his partner and if he has not seen my people by now which is the reason why he travelled in the first place them I must be the most foolish and desperate girl in the world to send any thing to him. .

Is this the height of irresponsibility or what?