Monday, February 25, 2008

When sweet is not sweet anymore… the story

So I come to work bright eyed and bushy tailed this beautiful morning or so I thought. Eager to take them on.
So we start work in ernest until boss says that there are a few announcements to be made. One of the senior managers is leaving our department. And it is mixed feelings all the way on one hand I don’t want her to leave cos we are close and all that jazz but then on the other hand her sit ideally would be mine.

Trust me I have been eyeing that chair for some time now not necessary more money but then more responsibilities and more exposure. Guess what they announce who will be taking her post. Some girl that has not been here that long is really lazy and to be honest does not even begin to have half of my qualifications. I literally broke down, like broke down I am still in shock as I post this blog. Right. I am so tempted to start sending out CV’s right now and see how they cope without me in the next few months. I am so mad I want to scream. I had to take a walk. I went to the bathroom and cried for what seemed like eternity freshened up and came back to the office all smiles. I don’t even have the vaguest clue what is happening in this place anymore. I am beginning to see that hard work does not pay cos where the heck did that come from.

I sit in despair as they commence the handing over process and I cant even concentrate I just want to go home right now. Even the sweets from the vending machine don’t taste so sweet any more .


Anonymous said...

yawa that is so sad are you sure that you are not missing any part of tha story out . if you are not . i feel for you that is what happens when you are not in your fathers country most of the time

Allied said...

Pele.. that is office politics for you..

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

aww, take heart, i ahet when things like that happen, something you know is rightfully youres,then someone else just snatches it just like that, right infront of your face.

your own go come, bigger and better than ever..

misspumping said...

@ allied thenk you so much this one is more than office politics i have become less talkative in the office and they,ve noticed and tried unsucessfully to make me feel better it is not working. only thing i do to cheer my self up is that i remind myself that this is not my last busstop neither is it my fathers office

@ fresh and fab thanks for stoping by my own go come infact e don come .e jus never each my hand hahahah

Sherri said...

did u show interest in the position overtly?
or did u just work ur tail off hoping someone will notice?

hard work does pay babe.

misspumping said...

I have experienced the same thing in my office but what i did instead of feeling bad was that i develpoed a positive approach and not long after it became apparent taht i was a better candidate and things fell into place again

Afrobabe said...

eyaaaa..kpele...sorry dear I know how that feels...Maybe you should start sending out the cvs, even if its just to see whats out there

Waffarian said...

Ndo, like allied said, its just office politics. Don't fret too much about it, just focus on the next thing. Good luck.

Jaguda said...

office politricks can be a real biatch sweetie, i know u will be alright