Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Story Continues

Okay sometimes I am not the most rational person. And believe me when I say this. When I am upset I tend to do the most absurd things like getting into the relationship I am now. No regrets there though I am not perfect (neither are you ha ha ha)So far so good we have had our fair share of ups and downs. And I can even say that I have tripped for him completely. At the beginning I did not send but now I do with all my heart. And if I catch any chick with boyfie I might have a seizure and die seeing that I am not violent (gentle lady ni mi emi kin se fighter).
I finally pick boyfies call and he is full of apologies

Boyfie: haba babe why have you not called me.

Misspumping: I was giving you time I feel as though I am bothering you to much

Boyfie: How can you say that? I thot I told you that I had food poisoning I am so stressed out. I still have not gone to see your people, my mum and dad are supposed to be coming with me bla bla bla. In fact I am going to have extend my trip so that every thing can fall into place.

Misspumping: It is just a day’s trip, it is not as if you are going to spend the night there or anything Are you joking or you are serious.

Boyfie: I am serious. Love you and I miss can’t wait to see you but I have to do what I have to do. Tell you what babe, I will call you later or you can call later cant stay too long on the phone I am driving take care.

And you know what they say about the devil he is a bastard and a liar. Misspumping by now is outraged that she calls an exie and hangs out with him to revenge. We hooked up at the west end and talked and groped but stopped there cos I realize that I really should not be doing that shit and I really don’t want to loose boyfie.( Boyfie and exie are constantly waging battle over me.)

Bearing in mind that all everybody talks about is “*Marriage*”. I need to repent for these sins. The question I ask myself at this point is that if and when I get married to boyfie, am I going to call exie every time Boyfie upsets me. I am scared o.


neema divine said...

damn right, that's a good reason to be scared!!!

Allied said...

How long have you been with boyfie? Cause they might be a factor in itself...

Don’t get married because you want to retaliate with your ex - the headache and heartache is not worth it.

Are u ready for marriage?

rethots said...

Why is my signals *shouting* nah?

'tis up to us individually how we react (when we're pissed) but, i daresay, do not what (looking back) you'd wish you did not.

Sherri said...

i daresay, u're not ready for marriage babe!

please take a step back and reevaluate ur relationship with boyfie.

love ur candour.