Friday, February 22, 2008

On Dying –what is your story?

I get really worked up when somebody dies whether I know the person or I don’t. It is just the way I am.

Quite recently my colleagues mum died of breast cancer. I never met the woman before but she talked about her all the time. In a strange way she (my friend knew the end was near but chose denial) and so she talked about her all the time. By the way her mum was back in her country (Last King Of Scotland Location).Hence all information regarding her mum’s health was over the phone.

I remember the day she was told her mum had been rushed to the hospital. I said I think you should be planning a trip home like ASAP. She replied that her dad said she should not come home yet. I said to her at what point do they want you to come, is it when she has passed away. She was confused but saw reason. And started making plans anyway her mum passed away before she made the booking she left the next day after her mum passed away. It was sad very sad I cried cos the very last time she spoke to her mum I was with her. Her last words to her daughter were. I AM FIGHTING THIS THING YOU KNOW WHAT A FIGHTER I AM.

What bugs me now is I always wonder which one of us is going to die first (i.e. me and my siblings) I know it sounds weird and sick but it just bothers me all the time. Am I the only on that thinks this way or do other people think this way. I have never discussed this with anybody before. I might have but boyfie who is the closest person to me right now is so scared of the word DEATH.


Anonymous said...

this is realy spooky stuffz o !

we are six children i never think of who will pass away first . i like to believe that we will all live forever .

Lyric Daniel said...

Interesting! I do not think of who is going to die frist but I do think about when/how I am going to die. My fear of dying has faded some as I am walking in faith with my new church.

I have a four year old and it is my prayer that she is an adult when I pass away. I always get nervous because I know we will miss each other deeply. I just know God has a plan for us and he is going to protect me until my time comes and my purpose is manifested.

I use to think dying was not fair. How can you be born only to get attached to people , but each day you are one day closer to your death. Again this is before I learned this life we are blessed to have was not given for us, it is to worship and serve the lord. When I get scared or nervous this is what I think about.

God Loves Us and always protects us.

Xhale said...

man...i feel you thing....I too i'm scared of that word. Sometimes when my parents home number flashes on my phone too early in the morning or too late at night I get scared. God grant us wisdom..understanding...and comfort in which we are scared of.

Ms. emmotions said...

hi dear,

the idea is to life live to the fullest wit the fear of the most high and trusting in his promises that u wil liv eto see ur children's children......

take of u dear

rethots said...

...why we have to do (& say) what we have to, not leaving nought for the morrow.

My sympathy (to your friend)

Miss Maple said...

Boy friend is scared of death, who isnt!?
Men you're strange.