Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I want to tell you a story

i have been putting of blogging for some time now but i have just realised that i dont want to put it of any longer . if i hold off any longer i risk madness so i will do what i like to do i shall write and let off steam.

Boyfie (boyfriend) is driving me up the wall. Boyfie who i started dating out of retaliation cos an ex was getting married is now holding me to ransom .I did not even care about him when i started dating him, he is now the one that is making me so moody that i have to keep myself mentally occupied or risk high blood pressure just thinking about him .such is this life o.

The story is that boyfie and i are planning to get married at least so i thought when we were palnning his trip to naija to go and prepare the ground for my arrival . Boyfie is now in naija and is frolicking up and down so much so that he has not even been to see my folks and guess what he is due back in 5 days time. i just want to scream is this how this bombaclat is going to put his senior sista to shame not that i am older than him or anything like that . it is just that i have to assume the position of older sister as the bomba clat cant realy think when i am not there.

The most painful part is that when i call boyfie he is always in a hurry to get me off the phone and then he speaks with a funny accent as if to impress me . this all points to the fact that he is trying to impress somebody nearby definitely not me cos he does not speak with an accent when we are together here .

I kow that chicks are ten a penny in naija but this rasclat should think of all the things we have been through together and all the bloody money i have spent on his trip to naija . when he was toasting me he said they (his family)were comfortable and stuff and that his parents were always on standby if he was broke . i dont see them standing by whenever his car is clamped or his fuel guage is reading low. so much for trying to compete with my ex and hooking myself up with a rmk (rich mans kid)

Guess what rasclat just sent a text from naija professing undying love guess last nites chick is now on the kerb soliciting for her next client.


neema divine said...

dang!...this is bad, why he be acting like that...chillax tho, dont let loose just yet. find time to talk.

Anonymous said...

why do i get the feeling that i know you .do you in an investment bank in the city and did you attend attend a baby shower cos your story sounds so familiar

Waffarian said...

Chineke! abeg, take it easy oh. My dear, please do not get into any relationship out of retaliation, please. If you do not love him, let him go. Even though your ex is getting married and I know it hurts like hell, do not get stuck in something like this. Abeg, think about it, at least.

Anonymous said...

@ waffarian i know i should not have gotten into it then but now things are differnt. I don trip maybe bcos of my star i can be quite crazy sometimes and it is that craziness that propels me If to say i was oyibo there would say that i have multiple personlaity disorder but deep now i know i dont . I

AnyaPosh said...

hahaha @ rasclat & forming accent. That is a bad sign sweetie. If boyfie is insecure about that what else will he do? I hope he handles his business & doesn't mascafon. this marriage thing is a critical matter.

rethots said...

What we do (oops, endure) for the sake of love.
lol, "...that chicks are ten a penny in naija..." a statement of fact?

Sherri said...

latisale ni oro yi ti wo.

u need to calm down.
if u distrust him this much, why are u even considering marriage?

pink gloves said...

Please do not give urself a heart aattack babes. If he wanted to talk to ur parents, he would have done it immediately he got there. Just take it easy, u cannot control someone else's actions. Just be urself. And keep doing what you have been doing.
Best of luck, i hope all works out for you.

Miss Maple said...

Why do people always feel the need to a decipher bloggers identity? *na wa o.
MP, nice start. Will be back on yr page.
still loling.