Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The game story

Dont hate the player hate the game?

what is it about me that just stirs up competition?

I fart someone wants to fart better/louder

I cough someone want to show they can cough better/louder

I fall down someone lays claim to falling all the time

This life is for living o it is not a competition i know it is good to strive to
be better in all u do BUT

I just dont get it

Monday, August 11, 2008

Can your mother do you “I mean jazz u” the story

First and foremost I come from the school of thought that does not believe anybody can do me .i.e. I mean jazz me. Apart from the fact that I say my prayers as regularly as I can I don’t go around with a chip on my shoulder waiting for an accident / misfortune to happen or befall me so that I can say that one person somewhere is doing me.No way whatever happens to me, was meant to happen . rain that will beat me (or not beat) cannot miss me .

Well how is that some times when u hear some peoples story you wonder and even thank your maker that your mum is your mum. At this point a special shout out to daisy my mum.

Today’s gist is about one of my “new friends” that has been diagnosed with a very advanced gynaecological problem that threatens to prevent her from mothering a child God Forbid but the tests have shown that not only is the womb distorted there are certain growths which outsizes the womb. We have been told it is 50-50 that motherhood will take place. We pray that she falls into the positive 50% ratio. Amen thanks for your prayers

But the sad part is that my friends mum was aware of this matter four years ago. At that time, the lady in question was still under the wings of her mum doctors suggested surgery then but the mother said no we reject it in the name of Jesus. Our God will make it go away unfortunately it didn’t and now it is motherhood threatening.

My quandary now is that today girlfriend is all grown up and it has reared its ugly head again and guess what mummy tells my friend don’t tell anybody, don’t tell your daddy yet. I will raise the money for the operation meanwhile daddy of friend in question is a multi millionaire .If not that i don’t believe that someone can do somebody, I would have started to think that this girls mother wants to do her

Abi eyin peeps wetin you think ?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Let awoof not run my bele o the story

As I have bored you more often than not with this my travails in London, I shall delight you with another true life tale.

I got nice place to which I was supposed to move into today the 1st of August but being an awoofist, I am not moving. You might ask why well it is kind of complicated (money matter). We i.e. I and my benefactors have cometo the conclusion that I should save small cash even if na petrol I go use am for.

Remember I wrote in a previous post that I was going back to naija well the time of reckoning is fast approaching as a matter of fact, I have only two months left in this town I agreed to sign up for a six months lease, my friends the senior girl/born again sister told me that it was not particularly a prudent move. And as an awoofist I agreed
They say that I can stay for an extra two months .see how one week turned into one month and now one month has turned into three months.

I am truly grateful the down side is that within these two days of cancellation and payment of administrative fees to estate agents bla bla bla, yours sincerely has become a shoepaholic .And then when I am going home from the spree, I fear to carry the shoes home let it not cause animosity, this London can fit to be funny.

Let my bearers of good tidings not start to calculate that we are paying rent and she is buying shoes. To counteract this thought, I have resorted to stocking the house with food and all things nice. LET US JOINTLY PRAY THAT THIS SUFFICES.

My peeps what do u think am I pushing my luck or just enjoy it whilst it last and pray for the best

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another problem Another story Another day

My peeps there are problem o.

Nothing new about that I guess but this time water has passed gari.

Routine visit to the GP and guess what, she comes out and says to me…..
I have very bad news.

I “shoulda” seen it coming .Anyway part of it is work related
and the rest is man related.
The work part is that at the office we are on some stupid project that
I just can’t hack and to compound issues my manager is breathing down my neck.
Talk about undermining a person in front of your underlings no end. To the point that I just broke down (and sobbed not in front of colleagues heaven forbid I remain a big girl in their presence.)

The man part is that since me and boyfie kind of got back together he has been posting me about our future .It is driving me up the wall says we will get to it but question is when ? told boyfie of my predicament guess what he said, I have always told u to stop stressing yourself . Everything I do is for us yeah! Right! Talk about posting me. I don’t think he realises I am a bit long in the tooth

They say that they have High Blood Pressure

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still pretty much squatting -the story

Na so life be o when I was undergoing the whole yawa of not having house that is how I used to run to come and tell u the whole story. I have roof now I have been missing in action (forgive me).

Anyway as the house search progressed albeit very slowly, I found a beautiful house which I have to wait till the end of the month till I can move in. In the interim, I met a friend on her way back from church that same Sunday boyfie left for his village i.e. outside London

She said that they had preached hospitality in church and that it was God that made her see me. So off to her place we went it was fabulous. This friend I am talking about in my life if they say that she would do this favour for me I would have said impossible.
To think that when we were in uni and she became a BIG girl I was one of the people that used to judge her. She has given her life to GOD now.

So I was there till this weekend the week flew past very quickly.
Boyfie came to see me there at the weekend I was glad to be associated with him if you the baffs boyfie knacked my friends were drooling I proceeded to get him out of there fast, (we live in interesting times you SEE).

And that is how I have been.

This “lundon sef”

Monday, July 7, 2008

The weekend story

Okay so oga showed up on Friday I was expecting some cock and bull story about any thing and every thing no money, no fuel, no water, no nepa u just name it, I was prepared for it.
But Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised. He booked me (well us) into a fabulous hotel at the west end of town.

We met up after I closed from work and he me whisked off to a restaurant to eat and then we went off to the hotel. At the hotel we watched TV (hahaha) till dawn and temporarily forgot all the problems I was currently undergoing.

For once in the past couple of days I actually had the luxury of waking up closer to mid-day than dawn. We then went house haunting and of course being a weekend, we didn’t make much progress.

Boyfie subsequently went to see some relative who was in town whilst I went to see a friend who has offered for me to move in whilst I sort myself out but who I have turned down for a plethora of reasons. Anyway boyfie dropped me off at hers and then off we went to cinema. Watched a fabulous movie it was absolutely brilliant.

Boyfie came back to pick me we went back to hotel full of dread he leaves for his place tomorrow. While once again after the 12 o, clock check out time I become homeless once again. That thought however did not prevent us from watching TV that night sha.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Story of the homeless

Since this is my blog I guess it is okay to say whatever I want to say and not worry because really nobody knows me. This is really embarrassing but I just need to vent

It just goes to show that in this “londun” (spelt like that cos I realy hate this place more than ever right now) it is everyman for himself.

It is at times like this that I realise how strong I am and that I am not easily broken .as I write you this post from my office desk, I do not know where I am going to sleep tonight and whilst this may be crazy, all I can say is that I thank God that it is summer.

Weird it may seem but it the truth of the matter, my landlord is on the verge of loosing his house consequently the lack of roof over thy head.

In this my sojourn in London I have seen many athings but this tops them. Imagine getting back from work and all your prized possession shipped off to storage and you have to go to work the next day after sorting out some paper work the following day, I went to work cos the shock was to grave. Infact I chose to be in denial .My flatmate was whisked away to her boyfriends place and I had no choice than to call boyfie (remember him) anyway not much he could do really cos he lives in Luffenham but at least it felt good talking to somebody.

Day 1
After talking with boyfie and being consoled which was really of no use. I spoke to an old friend who happened to be in the Marriott so to the Marriott we went it was bliss unbelievable totally out of this world. So I ate took a shower and attempted to sleep until old friend started coming on to me like really coming on to me put up a big fight and finally was allowed a few hours of sleep till dawn and started getting stressed again .had to leave extra early for work but believe me in a strange sort of way I was grateful at least to have found a place to lay my head on the first night of being homeless. I did not allow the punk to have his wicked way with me.

Day 2
After work, went to the storage place to check on my stuff try to pick up a few items for my sanitation. Then started trying to get a place it can be madness, anyway did not get a place contemplate getting a B&B but change mind. I don’t really think I want to descend lower than Marriott. I can be crazy like that .So rack through brain cells to see what is happening and eureka uncle of friend works night so I can chill there till morning innit so I call friend who calls friend who calls friend and then they say that they are few minutes from home . so I head there only to have to wait outside for 3-4 hours in the summer chill .They arrive with chicks in hand not bad (as a matter of fact good for me ). Curl into 2 seat sofa and endure state of heightened discomfort in semi conscious state till morning(in other words tried to sleep).

Day 3
In the office right now drafting post and suffering severe back ache
Boyfie might show up to help but I very much doubt assistance in any form he can be pretty useless sometimes.

Will let you know what happens over the weekend
PS this is real life. I am not having a laugh.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

is this story possible

is it possible that some people wake and pray that God should give them the strenght, power , initiative to dress in the most ridiculous manner concievable to them.

Because i justy dont get it. Please forgive me i dont mean to be funny but i see some people and wonder how exactly do they think. i realise that we are all different we cant realy be that different.

i realise that some people have more money and resources .i am not bloody rich or anything like that but pleease comeon guys
what do u think WE should do about this

Friday, May 30, 2008

Story of the office colleague(s)

It has been ages since I last posted a blog lord have I missed venting.

Anyway as I was writing about that colleague the other day, I made the move for reconciliation and she wasn’t game, I was a bit upset cos really I wanted to bury the hatchet. But I felt instant release as in I felt so light afterwards what I did not realise was that as a result of her actions , I was also carrying unnecessary luggage with me and now that I have unloaded them I feel so light, no dead weight, and I have moved on.
I leave her to continue to carry the hate and animosity with her in her.

I just don’t get it some times now I am beginning to think that there might be something wrong somewhere with me honestly I do not get it o. My colleagues in the office are really beefing me. Chris Rock says don’t hate the player, hate the game. I know that I am their superior in the office (not their boss) and really what I say in the dept is law but must they palyer hate.

The thing now is that why is it that when I come to work I greet all that I meet in the room but when others come into the office they don’t greet anybody. Then on the day that I decide not to greet any body, every body stops talking to me. They act like as if I have committed the greatest evil on earth. I just don’t get it. Silly as it seems that is what is happening or am I really loosing it pls help

Thursday, May 15, 2008









oh by the way dont know who to tag i think i am the last person getting tagged i finally feel among now hahaha

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Workplace Bitching The story

I am not one to talk about the work place outside the work place.
But I need to air something that has weighed me down in the office for some time now.

It is the issue of one stupid woman in my office who I have decided to try to get along with for the sake of my own sanity.

She used to work in the company a long time ago. She however left the company for some reasons and is now back. Good for her.

However the problem is that upon her return, obviously things had changed and she found it a bit unsettling. She is from this side of town and therefore could not quite stomach the fact she has to report to younger African (me) and before I know it there is tension in the air.
I had a word with my boss about it and he said that he is sure that I will be able to deal with but alas I could not deal with it very well. She has a very strong personality to counter act her venom, I formed an alliance with another lady in the office and we made the working environment rather uncomfortable for her to the extent that she actually had a verbal warfare with my ally. They were seriously reprimanded.

The thing is that I have just realised what is all this rubbish about. I see part of myself in her and she is trying to do is to mark territory for what? I ask myself. I realise that this is not my father’s office and even if it was it is not by bitching that you make progress. I will make peace with her. I know she feels very threatened by me and what I am doing by responding negatively is allowing her take charge of the situation and control my actions. So today, I will take the road less travelled and build a bridge and not a fence.

I am sure that she will shocked. Lets se how it goes …..i will keep you posted

The going back Story

As the day for going back home draws nearer i get more excited mixed feelings but the thing is that I DEY GO !!!!

As far as i am concerned it is a done deal; every body has one sad story or the other to tell but iroyin ko to afojuba (seeing is believing). It is true that there is no light and there is no water and the roads are bad and the weather is hot and that...... but i miss naija , i miss my house, i miss my mum coming to annoy me early in the morning by asking me what i want them to make for me knowing fully well that i realy dont eat in the mornings. I miss the constant effizi hahahaha. I miss not having to work twice as hard to prove my worth cos in naija we are all the same colour. I miss my junior brother who knows almost all my darkest secrets, He is serving in Abia state at the moment YUCK! forgive me Abia state indigenes but my brother is an ajebutter hahaha any way .

I have been stocking the kitty for some time now at least to cushion the landing upon getting back. Lord knows that it was not easy especially when the boyfie was a constant drain on the pocket please dont laugh , i dont know whether na love or na just stupidity i want to believe that it is the latter.Things are better now than they were before. Do i sound sad . i guess it is just one of those days. And I pray that I get a good job ASAP otherwise you all might witness my return next year Although God Forbid the return to this rat race.

Go I Must

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My story on Relocating to Naija

Not much has been happening in my life but a lot has been going on in my head.

Sometimes I say to myself that all this wahala somebody is even going through self is not worth. one can drop down and die the next minute i say to myself what if one does not die soon , one does not want to go hungry.

But the koko is that we shall continue to hustle. very soon it will be four years since i left naija . i cant say that i have done badly but i cant say that it has been excellent either . i have a good job THAT IS NOT GOING TO TURN ME INTO A MILLIONAREss HERE HENCE I long for naija like really badly.

So what i shall do is is throw in the towel an prepare for the journey back home . I have managed to tell the boss that i shall be relocating to naija pretty soon like 5 months time for some time but the plan is to go and sort myself out . I take that as more than ample time to get a replacement that can be trained by my goodself. I pray to the lord that nothing will make me regret the move.

A girl has once again got to do what a girl has got to do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Now i get it.
it is not easy doing this blogging thing o.
Now, i promise not to get upset whenever i check to see if a blogger has updated andhe/she hasn't.

Sometimes you just dont feel like telling the world your issues and sometimes when you even feel like sharing you dont feel like typing . and sometimes when you feel like typing you just dont know the best way to come across . and sometimes when you even decide that you want to come across in aparticular way you dont really want to put it All down . and when you even start putting tHe part you dont mind divulging , your thots start to run around in circles. aM I doing your head in yet, EXACTLY THATS THE WAY I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW. DONE IN .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She was very angry

She arrived on Saturday morning in all her glory.
I have never experienced such anger and I was really humbled.
She told me never to take her presence for granted but rather celebrate her arrival by giving praise to my lord. I DID
It was on Saturday that I realised that I must respect this temple and never abuse it.
The things I have put in the temple defiled it and it was angered therefore the delay in her release.

My period came.

Friday, April 4, 2008

This story is getting scarier

My peeps there is problem o. I swear to my Creator and I am not joking, my period is more than late and I have not seen the head or tail light of the damn thing. I have done more than 10 pregnancy tests by now and they all say negative. Even the clear blue that I used is the digital one and the darn thing said Not Pregnant as in it literally spelt the thing out.It is no longer funny o have taken a few days next week of work to see the gp and things. Eyin peeps I know that I sinned but I thought I had ended that chapter now it is raising its head again.Now I am scared like shit cos I had already announced to the whole world that that thing with boyfie was over, what does one do in such situation? Does this mean that we should gat back together or whatI really want a baby but in the gaddem right circumstances. If I am preggers eventually I will keep it but I sincerely hope that I am not.A truly and sincerely worried misspumping

Monday, March 17, 2008


An End to that story

Okay so my people. I am not preggers thank heavens for that.
It is amazing what your mind can be doing to your head. I broke up with him yesterday and guess what I did not even buy the clipper. It was not easy can you imagine I was the one crying and saying that I could not settle for less than I deserved. Ironically my little brother also broke up with his girlfriend too. I am not even sure what I am going to be doing with all the spare time that I am going to now have.

I guess I will just enrol on some professional courses I can afford them now that my money belongs to me , myself and I and I have the time to study too. It will be hard but I know that I will make.

That is 18 months down the drain. I said to him better now than later with kids in the picture, I am very sad and I feel like crying some more and I guess I will. But a girl has just done what a girl had to do.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Story Story……. Story Water don pass gari o

E be like say Misspumping don carry bele o
This must be the most unbelievable thing that I am going to post but for real e be like say I don carry bele.

Right now I am so confused I have not done a test yet but I am scared as hell, can you believe this but my boobs are tender like anything and I all of a sudden require a nap during my lunch hour. My period is not late yet. I am not even sure cos I don really calculate the date cos I am quite smart when it comes to this type of thing But I get the feeling that I am not myself. I have been feeling like this for about 1week now but I paid no heed .And yes we did it when he got back from naija I did not want it to look like I had been busy when he was away . I m still going to break up with boyfie this weekend on his birthday. I have not yet done it cos I don’t want to be like a cheap skate. I am going to get him the most unromantic gift a shaving set i.e. clipper.

Back to the focus of this post just what which is me and not boyfie what if my body is acting up as a result of stress or WHAT IF I DON CARRY BELE what shall I do? This is the lowest point of my life right now. This weekend is the determinant. I have to wait till tomorrow morning and use the first sample I have been advised. If I am then it will be like one week. Am I being unduly imaginative can you be one week gone and know or it is not possible. Experience peeps and inexperienced peeps just what if what shall I do cos I know I aint feeling him any more.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Same old naija story

People come and see me see trouble o. just when you think that everything will be okay. Something else will come and cause you head ache.

This morning about 10:45 and 11:00 my manager called me into the meeting room for a chat I thought it was as a result of being overlooked in regards to my job role (see previous post -When sweet is no longer sweet...). So excited by the prospect of some sort of explanation or redress, I did my power walk. The one you use when you feel that everything is going your way (finally).

Upon getting into the meetingroom he sat very far away from me the kind of distance that lets you know that this is not going to be a walk in the park. The chat went as follows

Manager: I received a phone call from David Mark yesterday evening (David Mark is the senate president in Nigeria) he asked me to send him certain details which I did not send .I was just wondering if you know anything about it .

Me: I don’t understand.

Manager: I did not think you would but I just thought that since you are Nigerian you might be able to understand. I can’t think of where he got my telephone number from. If he had approached me via email I would have been less shocked but this is quite close to home so I was just thought I should tell you.

Me: I hope you did not give him your details he a con artist and it is sad that he called you and said all the things he said to you. There is really no justification for it but most of these conmen are the result of high unemployment in the country and bla bla bla. I did the patriotic thing and gave him the speech about the politicalclimate in niaja.

I think I handled it well at the time but now that I am at my desk I am wondering whether maybe they thought I was part of the scam(meanwhile I think that I the only naija girl in the office if there is another one I am yet to meet her .

I am like should I stir the hornest's nest or should I just let sleeping dogs lie

Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking Up …How does the story go?

Okay so boyfie is back.
He got back yesterday 09/03/2008 at about 7 in the morning and we did not see till about 3 or 4pm. He had to go and pick his car up from where it was parked and all that. And I can say that I missed him when I saw him I just wanted to hug him but I did no such thing. I maintained a dignified composure. My resolve is strong .I am ending it. It is the only way forward.

I was very civil and I realised that I should let him rest a bit before I spring the inevitable him. We can both see the end is nigh. He was really surprised and said that he thought I was going to tell him straightaway that it was over immediately I laid eyes on him. In other words he alsosenses it.And that he is so happy that I did not decide to break up with him he realises that he has behaved like a total jerk. I was in shock .I am beyond words my post is how one break does up. Funny thing is that I have never broken up with anybody. It just dies a natural death. This one is different. When is a good time? And exactly what do you say. PLEASE HELP ME

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Saga and story continues

Plenty long tings (don jazzy)

If I tell you that boyfie has not come back will you believe it? Well let me tell you boyfie has not come back. Why you may ask. I’ll rather not disclose part of it here but in fact. Unless I am stupid and refuse to see the signs this is obviously a no goer. Boyfie has refused to come back because his daddy has refused to give him MONEY. Have you ever imagined or heard of anything so ridiculous in your life.

A bit of background information will suffice at this juncture. If you remember from my previous post boyfie comes from a rather well off family and they are supposed to have plenty cash , Anyways boyfie is like daddy’s love spoilt rotten but very subject to the moods of his daddy . As in if he upsets daddy, daddy will threaten to cut him off. So boyfie decided to move abroad so that he could stand on his own feet. Well daddy was not quite pleased about it and all that jazz but boyfie stuck to his guns and moved. Boyfie has a good and steady job with government and all that but you know how it is over here. There is never plenty extra left over after your bills/direct debits.

Upon getting to naij and bursting enough effizi in the first couple of weeks the wells of finance kinda dried up. The plan was to stay for a few weeks but he decided to stay on for his cousins wedding and bla bla bla.

After speaking with him yesterday boyfie hinted that maybe I should send some cash over but I beat him to it and said that if your own family cannot raise when you are broke on holidays after buying the whole of London on OUR MONEY then I don think I should be giving you any money so please don’t even think it. See me see wahala o. Boyfie then started raking that me I am selfish and this is a strong indication of what the future can be like .If at this level of love in Tokyo me I cannot raise him when he is stranded for cash. I could not believe it. First and foremost for his trip I put down half of the money involved. I did not send anything to my family through him cos I just could not afford too I sent stuff to his siblings that I have never met and weeks after none of them has called to say THANKS. And he still has not gone to see my people isn’t that the funniest joke of the year one of the major reasons for the trip.

He just wants to use reverse psychology but guess what I am not sending a penny to him. He is too spoilt and I aint putting up with it any more. Every month a portion of my salary goes to him. Well guess what 2008 is MY year. IF the truth be told I earn more than him but that does not make him my responsibility. I am not his mother, I am his partner and if he has not seen my people by now which is the reason why he travelled in the first place them I must be the most foolish and desperate girl in the world to send any thing to him. .

Is this the height of irresponsibility or what?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

When sweet is not sweet anymore… the story

So I come to work bright eyed and bushy tailed this beautiful morning or so I thought. Eager to take them on.
So we start work in ernest until boss says that there are a few announcements to be made. One of the senior managers is leaving our department. And it is mixed feelings all the way on one hand I don’t want her to leave cos we are close and all that jazz but then on the other hand her sit ideally would be mine.

Trust me I have been eyeing that chair for some time now not necessary more money but then more responsibilities and more exposure. Guess what they announce who will be taking her post. Some girl that has not been here that long is really lazy and to be honest does not even begin to have half of my qualifications. I literally broke down, like broke down I am still in shock as I post this blog. Right. I am so tempted to start sending out CV’s right now and see how they cope without me in the next few months. I am so mad I want to scream. I had to take a walk. I went to the bathroom and cried for what seemed like eternity freshened up and came back to the office all smiles. I don’t even have the vaguest clue what is happening in this place anymore. I am beginning to see that hard work does not pay cos where the heck did that come from.

I sit in despair as they commence the handing over process and I cant even concentrate I just want to go home right now. Even the sweets from the vending machine don’t taste so sweet any more .

Friday, February 22, 2008

On Dying –what is your story?

I get really worked up when somebody dies whether I know the person or I don’t. It is just the way I am.

Quite recently my colleagues mum died of breast cancer. I never met the woman before but she talked about her all the time. In a strange way she (my friend knew the end was near but chose denial) and so she talked about her all the time. By the way her mum was back in her country (Last King Of Scotland Location).Hence all information regarding her mum’s health was over the phone.

I remember the day she was told her mum had been rushed to the hospital. I said I think you should be planning a trip home like ASAP. She replied that her dad said she should not come home yet. I said to her at what point do they want you to come, is it when she has passed away. She was confused but saw reason. And started making plans anyway her mum passed away before she made the booking she left the next day after her mum passed away. It was sad very sad I cried cos the very last time she spoke to her mum I was with her. Her last words to her daughter were. I AM FIGHTING THIS THING YOU KNOW WHAT A FIGHTER I AM.

What bugs me now is I always wonder which one of us is going to die first (i.e. me and my siblings) I know it sounds weird and sick but it just bothers me all the time. Am I the only on that thinks this way or do other people think this way. I have never discussed this with anybody before. I might have but boyfie who is the closest person to me right now is so scared of the word DEATH.


I get really worked up when somebody dies whether I know the person or I don’t. It is just the way I am.

Quite recently my colleagues mum died of breast cancer. I never met the woman before but she talked about her all the time. In a strange way she (my friend knew the end was near but chose denial) and so she talked about her all the time. By the way her mum was back in her country (Last King Of Scotland Location).Hence all information regarding her mum’s health was over the phone.

I remember the day she was told her mum had been rushed to the hospital. I said I think you should be planning a trip home like ASAP. She replied that her dad said she should not come home yet. I said to her at what point do they want you to come, is it when she has passed away. She was confused but saw reason. And started making plans anyway her mum passed away before she made the booking she left the next day after her mum passed away. It was sad very sad I cried cos the very last time she spoke to her mum I was with her. Her last words to her daughter were. I AM FIGHTING THIS THING YOU KNOW WHAT A FIGHTER I AM.
What bugs me now is I always wonder which one of us is going to die first (i.e. me and my siblings)
I know it sounds weird and sick but it just bothers me all the time. Am I the only on that thinks this way or do other people think this way. I have never discussed this with anybody before.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Story Continues

Okay sometimes I am not the most rational person. And believe me when I say this. When I am upset I tend to do the most absurd things like getting into the relationship I am now. No regrets there though I am not perfect (neither are you ha ha ha)So far so good we have had our fair share of ups and downs. And I can even say that I have tripped for him completely. At the beginning I did not send but now I do with all my heart. And if I catch any chick with boyfie I might have a seizure and die seeing that I am not violent (gentle lady ni mi emi kin se fighter).
I finally pick boyfies call and he is full of apologies

Boyfie: haba babe why have you not called me.

Misspumping: I was giving you time I feel as though I am bothering you to much

Boyfie: How can you say that? I thot I told you that I had food poisoning I am so stressed out. I still have not gone to see your people, my mum and dad are supposed to be coming with me bla bla bla. In fact I am going to have extend my trip so that every thing can fall into place.

Misspumping: It is just a day’s trip, it is not as if you are going to spend the night there or anything Are you joking or you are serious.

Boyfie: I am serious. Love you and I miss can’t wait to see you but I have to do what I have to do. Tell you what babe, I will call you later or you can call later cant stay too long on the phone I am driving take care.

And you know what they say about the devil he is a bastard and a liar. Misspumping by now is outraged that she calls an exie and hangs out with him to revenge. We hooked up at the west end and talked and groped but stopped there cos I realize that I really should not be doing that shit and I really don’t want to loose boyfie.( Boyfie and exie are constantly waging battle over me.)

Bearing in mind that all everybody talks about is “*Marriage*”. I need to repent for these sins. The question I ask myself at this point is that if and when I get married to boyfie, am I going to call exie every time Boyfie upsets me. I am scared o.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I want to tell you a story

i have been putting of blogging for some time now but i have just realised that i dont want to put it of any longer . if i hold off any longer i risk madness so i will do what i like to do i shall write and let off steam.

Boyfie (boyfriend) is driving me up the wall. Boyfie who i started dating out of retaliation cos an ex was getting married is now holding me to ransom .I did not even care about him when i started dating him, he is now the one that is making me so moody that i have to keep myself mentally occupied or risk high blood pressure just thinking about him .such is this life o.

The story is that boyfie and i are planning to get married at least so i thought when we were palnning his trip to naija to go and prepare the ground for my arrival . Boyfie is now in naija and is frolicking up and down so much so that he has not even been to see my folks and guess what he is due back in 5 days time. i just want to scream is this how this bombaclat is going to put his senior sista to shame not that i am older than him or anything like that . it is just that i have to assume the position of older sister as the bomba clat cant realy think when i am not there.

The most painful part is that when i call boyfie he is always in a hurry to get me off the phone and then he speaks with a funny accent as if to impress me . this all points to the fact that he is trying to impress somebody nearby definitely not me cos he does not speak with an accent when we are together here .

I kow that chicks are ten a penny in naija but this rasclat should think of all the things we have been through together and all the bloody money i have spent on his trip to naija . when he was toasting me he said they (his family)were comfortable and stuff and that his parents were always on standby if he was broke . i dont see them standing by whenever his car is clamped or his fuel guage is reading low. so much for trying to compete with my ex and hooking myself up with a rmk (rich mans kid)

Guess what rasclat just sent a text from naija professing undying love guess last nites chick is now on the kerb soliciting for her next client.